Olive Oil

Olive Oil

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The Pure Olive Oil or simply Olive oil as acknowledged by the USDA is the combined oil which is created from Refined Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The olives used for creating Olive oil are acquired from the fruit of olive trees exclusively by automatic or any other physical method to obtain the fruit under specified conditions. This olive oil is refined and cultured in such a way that it offers a mild taste and exclusive aroma which specifically gives it a name of Refined Olive oil. Also when the unrefined 100% Extra virgin olive oil or Virgin Olive oil is added which forms the concluding product which is known in the United states of America as the Pure Olive oil. This kind of Pure olive oil does not permit and contains any kind of additional preservatives.

The studies and information regarding the health benefits of consuming the olive oil typically fill the pages of medical newsletters around the whole wide world. The critical life threatening diseases like Heart ailments, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and various dangerous cancers are amongst the long list of ailments that can be evaded and circumstances that can be enhanced by a diet that comprises of olive oil. You may replace other kind of fats like butter with at least 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil every day, and consume lots of green leafy veggies and go should also go for a brisk walk.


  • Acidity Level: ≤ 1.0
  • Peroxide Value: ≤ 15 meq O₂ /Kg
Fatty Acid Composition:
  • Miristyc Acid (C14:0): ≤ 0.05
  • Palmitic Acid (C16:0): 7.5 - 20
  • Palmitoleic Acid (C16:1): 0.3 - 3.5
  • Margaric Acid (C17:0): < 0.3
  • Margaroleic Acid (C17:1): < 0.3
  • Stearic Acid (C18:0): 0.5 - 5.0
  • Oleic Acid (C18:1): 55 - 83
  • Linoleic Acid (C18:2): 3.5 - 21
  • Linolenic Acid (C18:3): ≤ 1.0
  • Araquic Acid (C20:0): ≤ 0.6
  • Gadoleic Acid (C20:1): ≤ 0.4
  • Behenic Acid (C22:0): ≤ 0.4
  • Lignoceric Acid (C24:0): ≤ 0.2
  • Cholesterol: ≤ 0.5
  • Brassicasterol: ≤ 0.1
  • Campesterol: ≤ 4.0
  • Stigmasterol: < Camp.
  • Beta Sitosterol: > 93.0
  • Delta 7-Stigmastenol: < 0.5
Ingredients: 100% OLIVE OIL, PURE
Origin - Spain