Refined Soybean Oil

Refined Soybean Oil

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Riding on unfathomable volumes of industrial expertise, we are offering an excellent range of Refined Soybean Oil. Our provided oil has several health benefits and is best in quality. Widely acclaimed cooking oil, the offered oil is processed by our vendors' professionals at our advanced processing unit by making use of finest quality soyabean seeds. Along with this, the Refined Soybean Oil can be purchased from us at affordable prices.


  • Exotic fragrance

  • Rich flavor

  • Purity

  • Free from cholesterol

100% Pure Refined Soyabean Oil, Free from Cholesterol, With Omega 3 & 6 Origin - Argentina

Physical characteristics of refined soybean oil is outlined as below :

These dry and dehydrated soybean seeds which are dried up constitute almost about 18 % to 20% of the extractable oil by means of weight. Post this process, these seeds are then subject to getting pressed to acquire oil and then the left over remainder of the soybean meal is then utilized as the feed for the animals. Please note that the basic and unpolished soybean oil is dark yellow in colour and also comprises of impurities such as dampness, lecithin, free - fatty acids, and many other definite fiery and explosive compounds. These impurities are then eradicated all the way through additional refinement to acquire satisfactory and adequate standard oil. The Refined oil is flawless light yellow coloured fluid, and it exhibits neutral or impartial odour and taste. This type of new and fresh oil has very less free fatty acids (FFA) which are less than 0.1%. It has precise gravity which is estimated around @ 25 °C which is approximately around 0.9150 to 0.9280, Iodine value -75 to 94, and saponification value ranges from -184 to 195.

Soybean oil nutrition facts are outlined as below :

Soybean oil is considered as one of the chief and poly-unsaturated cooking oils in the current usage. Please note that at least 100 g of oil gives around 884 calories.
It is one of the well - known cooking oils which has a high smoke point.
The temperature of 495 °F, is quite alike to the peanut oil – this is the property which can be used in a job in setting up the oil temperature at the time of deep frying of the food items.
Also note that Soybean oil has an excellent and very apt lipid profile. It is a composition of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated (SFA: MUFA: PUFA = 16: 24: 58) fats which are all in healthy quantities.
It has been considered as one of the most steady and unchanging cooking oils; which has a long and elaborative shelf life.

Health benefits of soybean oil are mentioned as below :

Soybean oil is mainly comprised of poly - unsaturated fats which are a rich source from vegetable oils. It comprises of Linoleic acid (which is a kind of omega - 6) which is the most important poly un - saturated fatty acid which is found in it. In addition to all these qualities, it is quite low in the form of saturated fats, and thus free from bad cholesterol; which further makes it as one of the most helpful and healthiest cooking oils.
In addition to all this, Soybean which is one of the healthiest vegetable oils is also considered as an excellent and ideal source of plant sterols such as ?-sitosterol.
The FDA has further accredited the following claim for phytosterols as : "the Foods which contains at least 0.4 gram per portion of plant sterols. When these are consumed two times in a day along with the meals for a daily total intake of at the most of 0.8 gram, as a part of a diet schedule which is low in saturated fat and also in cholesterol. This will further help aid in reduction of the danger and threat of heart disease." These Phyto - sterols are then competitively hinder or obstruct cholesterol concentration in the gut and by this means it can also decrease the blood cholesterol levels by 10% to 15%
The Soybean oil is a reasonable and modest source of anti - oxidant vitamin E. it is made obtainable in 100 g fresh oil which has 8.18 mg of ?- tocopherol and around 64.26 mg of gamma - tocopherol. The Vitamin E is an influential and dominant lipid solvable antioxidant, which is much needed for sustaining the reliability of the cell tissue of mucus membranes and skin by defending and guarding it from the dangerous and injurious oxygen - free radicals.

This oil contains a high level of vitamin K in elevated concentrations; which comprises of 100 g of oil which consists of 183.9 mcg. This Vitamin K has probable role of bone health by encouraging osteotrophic (which encourages formation of bones and further strengthening) activity. The acceptable vitamin-K levels in the diet assists in restraining the neuronal harm in the brain, as a result it has a recognized and well known role in the treatment of patients who suffers from the worrying Alzheimer's disease.




Free Acidity  (% oleic acid)

M. 0,10 

IRAM 5512 / AOCS Ca 5a-40

Soaps  (ppm of Sodium Oleato)

M. 10,0 

IRAM 5599

Peroxide Index (mEq O2 /Kg)

Mx. 5,00 

AOCS Cd 8b-90


Phosphorus (ppm of Phosphorus) 

Mx. 5,0 

IRAM 5597 / AOCS Ca 12-55

Moisture and volatile compounds (%)

M x. 0,05

IRAM 5510

Loss Heating at 105°C,

M.: 0,05%

IRAM 5510

Oleic Acid (%)

17,7 - 28,5 

IRAM 5651

Linoleic Acid (%)

49,8 -57,1 

IRAM 5651

Linolenic Acid (%)

5,5 -9,5

IRAM 5651

Color  5   Yellow

M. 10

AOCS Cc 13e - 92

Color  5     Red

Mx. 1

AOCS Cc 13b - 45


Refractive Index a 25ºC

1,4720 - 1,4743

IRAM 5505

Indice de yodo g I2 / 100 grs

122,0 - 142,0

IRAM 5515