Sunflower Meal

Sunflower Meal

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It is the by-product of the extraction of oil from sunflower seeds. With rich market knowledge as well as experience, we have been able to emerge as a trusted organization engaged in offering Sunflower Meal. This meal is the main protein sources in livestock feed, especially dairy cattle, chickens and even pigs and rabbits. Our diligent agents source this meal from trusted and certified vendors of the market. Clients can avail this Sunflower Meal from us in different quantity packaging options. We offer this meal at reasonable prices to clients.


  • High nutritional value
  • Good source of protein
  • Longer shelf life

Further Details:

Sunflower is a good source of animal feed. Sunflower meal is one of the major protein sources in livestock feed, especially dairy cattle, chickens and even pigs and rabbits

General specifications of sunflower meal: UKRAINE ORIGIN

This kind of Sunflower meal is the by - product or end result of the withdrawal of oil from the sunflower seeds. In terms of fabrication, it is the 4th most imperative and significant oil meal after the meal of soybean, rapeseed meal and cottonseed meal. An extensive and diverse variety of these products are then made accessible in the market, from low - quality straw type of meals to high or premium quality of flours. These kinds of Sunflower meals can then be created from whole, complete or decorticated seeds, and then it can be automatically and / or extracted from the solvent. The quality of sunflower meal is also based on the features of various diversities of plants (such as composition of seeds, hulls or grain ratio, DE hulling potential, development and other kind of storage situations) and on the dispensation (de hulling, motorized, automatic and / or solvent extraction)

The Sunflower meal is considered as one of the most vital and imperative protein sources in the livestock feed, particularly for the dairy cattle, chickens and even for the pigs and also the rabbits. It comprises of a high level of protein, fibre and even the level of oil is high. It has a protein content which ranges between 29 % to 30 % and an unfinished and unpolished fibre content which ranges around 27 % to 31 % and the lignin (which ranges from 9 % to 12 %) and the lysine (which is approximately around 3.5 %). One of the excellent traits of this valuable sunflower is that it does not have any kind of constituents that can in any ways disturb the nutrition in livestock, even though its has high fibre content along with lignin (which is the hard, firm and woody area of the sunflower plant) which have a tendency to be affected its digestibility. In addition to all this, sunflower is considered as a good considered as an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus and B vitamins.

Apart from the cows used for dairy purposes, these sunflowers can also be fed to rabbits, pigs and also the chickens. The excellence of the sunflower which is used for feeding these livestock will hugely be subject to the way it has been treated. For example the sunflowers that is being milled devoid of taking away the outside cover (which is also known as husk or hull) that has high level of fibre (which ranges between 27 % to 31 %) but it has less content of protein (which is nearly about 23%); but in the exceedingly treated sunflower where the husks are entirely extracted, the protein content can then be as high as around 40 %.

Moisture weight-percent – max 8-12%

Crude protein (on dry matter) – min 37%

Crude fiber – max 32%

Crude fat – max 4%

General energy nutrient value – not less than 0,83 feed units.